Autonomous Sweeper Vacuum

Higher quality, more efficient cleans with the touch of a button.

Whiz is an intelligent sweeper vacuum that handles soft surface cleaning so janitors can focus on higher value, more detailed tasks. Whiz is powered by Brain OS, award-winning navigation software that powers the tools that make workers’ jobs easier.

Product Benefits

Deliver higher quality, more efficient cleans

  • Increase cleaning consistency and frequency
  • Standardize cleaning routes across teams
  • Confirm that cleaning occurred through WhizConnect

Expand services scope and capability

  • Increase staff efficiency and productivity
  • Offload routine cleaning routes
  • Use data to improve speed and performance over time

Reduce the impact of absenteeism and turnover

  • Make the lives of staff easier
  • Reduce repetitive and injury-inducing activities
  • Never skip vacuuming — regardless of callouts

Win more business through innovation

  • Outpace the competition
  • Deliver proof of performance
  • Demonstrate ability to meet changing market demands

Whiz Specifications

Powered By Brain Corp

Brain OS is the leading provider of intelligent, self-driving technology. Powered by Brain, Whiz is capable of navigating complex and dynamic environments autonomously, while ensuring the highest levels of safety and cleaning performance.

Award-winning A.I. platform
Proven through global deployments
User-friendly, works out-of-the-box
Meets highest safety standards when partnering with humans
Rapid product development cycles for continual improvement

Robotic Features

Brain OS Odomentry. Localization, Mapping, Perception, and Motion Planning
Safety Features LIDAR sensors; shock, obstacle, and anomaly detection

Hardware Features

Size 18.6” x 17.9” x 25.7”
Battery Lithium ion; 25Ah, 25.2V
Run-time 3 hours on a single charge; Swap battery included
Dust bag capacity 4.0L Paper Bag
HEPA Filtration Yes
Noise Level 67db
Consumable Parts Battery, Charger, Notification Pager, HEPA filters, Paper Bag, Brush, Home location code
Weight 66 lbs
Cleaning Capacity 5000ft2 - 9000ft2 / hour
Max Speed 1.5 mph


Removable rotating brush, auto height adjusting


Replaceable lithium ion battery

Paper Bag

Easy disposal, 4L max capacity

HEPA Filter

Captures 99.97% of PM2.5 particles, including pollen and dust