Autonomous Floor Scrubber

EMMA: RS26-AU Scrubber

The RS26-AU, EMMA (Enabling Mobile Machine Automation) is an autonomous floor scrubber made for commercial and industrial use. Powered by BrainOS® represents the next generation of robotic floor care. Brain’s advanced vision-based A.I. system enables the robot to navigate complex, real-world environments. The machine is designed to work safely and efficiently alongside employees and can still be used manually for ad-hoc situations.

  • Vision Based Technology Requires No Infrastructure Modifications
  • Capable of Navigating Complex & Dynamic Environments
  • Simple & Intuitive User-Interface
  • Eliminates Collision Damage & Driver Mistakes
  • Ensures Consistent & Reliable Floor Care Performance
  • Allows Employees to Focus on Higher Value Tasks

Product Benefits


Analytic reports help you track key performance indicators across your fleet

Cloud Robotics

Our Robot Operations Center (ROC) provides alerts, usage data, reporting and software updates.


Service hotline provided for all hardware and software issues.

ROC Fleet Tracking

ROC, powered by BrainOS, is a Cloud based fleet management system managed through an easy to access portal. ROC technology provides user friendly reports that include usage alerts—including how much time equipment has been in autonomous and manual operation modes, total time dispatched, routes and distanced cleaned, in addition to any issues that may have occurred during operation and first line customer service.

ROC provides easy to access reporting, alerts, and fleet monitoring in addition to advanced technical support and regular software updates.

  • Remote Monitoring and Alerts
  • Usage Analytics
  • Autonomous and Manual Operation Tracking
  • First Line Customer Service
  • BrainOS Technology and Technical Support
  • Reporting and Software Updates

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We offer an all-inclusive monthly subscription for EMMA, the autonomous floor scrubber. Our subscription model is a predictable, low monthly cost per month for the duration of your chosen plan. We offer flexible terms to meet your changing needs. All our subscriptions includes access to fleet tracking technology at no extra cost, all parts, service and preventive maintenance by ICE Robotics Tech Team, and regular software upgrades with new enhancements and features.

Low Monthly Cost

Includes Fleet Tracking
& Performance Technology

All Inclusive
of Parts and Service

Cloud Data Allows for
Proactive Maintenance

Offer Flexible
Subscription Terms

Includes Software Upgrades
& New Features

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Robotic Features

ControlManual and autonomous.
Learning SystemAutonomous function is trained by user to replicate multiple scrubbing routes.
NavigationMulti-layer sensor system perceives environment, controlling vehicle and navigation.
SafetyOverlapping sensors detect and avoid people and obstacles. Equipped with auto-stop button. Beeps alert passersby.
SupportRobot Operations Center (ROC), managed by Brain Corp technicians, provides remote monitoring, usage analytics and first line customer service.

Dimensions & Capacity

Length 65 in
Width33.8 in
Height 54 in
Weight619 lbs
Weight With Batteries920 lbs
Solution Tank Capacity29 gal
Recovery Tank Capacity29 gal

Scrubber Specifications

Cleaning Path Width26 in
Squeegee Width 33.8 in
Brush Speed210 rpm
Brush Pad Pressure77 – 165 lbs
Solution Flow Rate0 – 0.71 gal/min
Max. Grade Manual2%
Max. Grade Autonomous0%
Max. Manual Speed4 mph
Max. Manual Productivity Rate46,285 ft2/hr
Max. Autonomous Speed2.5 mph
Max. Autonomous Productivity Rate28,928 ft2/hr
Noise68 dBA


24V DC Drive Motor850W
24V DC Brush Motor450W x 2
24V DC Vacuum Motor450W
Nominal Voltage24V
Batteries335ah AGM battery
Run Time4 hrs
Charge Time 8 – 12 hrs, shelf charger

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