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Meet Whiz

Whiz is an autonomous vacuum sweeper that handles soft and hard surface cleaning so workers can focus on higher value, more detailed tasks. Whiz is powered by BrainOS® the award winning, self-driving technology for autonomous navigation.

Say Hi to EMMA

The RS26-AU, EMMA (Enabling Mobile Machine Automation) is powered by BrainOS® represents the next generation of robotic floor care. Brain’s advanced vision-based A.I. system enables the robot to navigate complex, real-world environments. The machine is designed to work safely and efficiently alongside employees and can still be used manually for ad-hoc situations.

Own the Experience of Autonomy, Not the Equipment... and Cancel at Anytime.

ICE Robotic’s unique subscription model allows you to automate your cleaning without the hassle, cost and risk of ownership.

The monthly subscription includes repairs and replacements parts (even batteries!).

  • Cancel anytime.
  • All-inclusive, fixed monthly cost.
  • No capital investment.
  • No surprise maintenance costs.
  • Access to the most up-to-date software and hardware.

Value of Automation

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